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When you have Scalar as your warehousing partner, you in store for a lot that you could expect. Take a glimpse.

Land Selection

  • Close proximity to highways for faster connectivity
  • Close proximity from demand centres, aiding in reduced transportation lead times
  • Right shape and size of land to maximise space utilisation
  • Ensuring that the land we choose is in and around the Green Belt of the geography we choose, such that we are mindful of the environment too.

Efficient Material Flow

  • Designed with an aspect ratio of 1:1.8 to enable ‘U’ flow within the warehouse
  • ‘U’ flow designed for flexibility of movement, using inbound area and docks as outbound during peak days or vice versa

Convenience, Safety & Security

  • Quick response firefighting systems
  • Complete power backup
  • Ample parking space for employees close to the warehouse
  • Rest areas and toilets for drivers and labour
  • Extensive landscaping

Seamless Transportation Flow

  • Designed to provide the maximum number of docks with optimal loading productivity
  • Apron space of 30 meters to 16.5 meters to ensure smooth manoeuvring of 40-foot trucks, without comprising on traffic movement.
  • A minimum of 10.5m-12.5m approach road and 8m-9m by-lanes for zero congestion
  • Designed for a uni-directional flow of trucks, to help reduce traffic jams or accidents, and ensure employee safety within the park


  • Single side docks for cross-docking during peak periods
  • State-of-the-art Warehouse Management Systems to ensure live tracking and easy traceability of material